Friday, March 23, 2012

Foodie Friday- Breakfast All Day!!

Last Sunday, we decided that it would be Breakfast Day.  I found a couple new recipes that I wanted to try out.  Every so often, we have Brinner.  Well, sitting at the table that morning, hubby announces that 'today is special because we are having brinner tonight'.  I was a little thrown off, because I was planning brinner for Wednesday night. But, I just went with it.
This first recipe was found in the book English Trifle by Josi Kilpack.  It is called 'Wake 'em Up Breakfast Casserole.

 The cool thing about this recipe is that you can customize it to your own likes.  We used bacon, onions, green peppers and tomatoes.  You can use any kind of meat: bacon, sausage, ham etc.  And any kind of vegetables: onions, mushrooms. peppers, broccoli, tomatoes etc.  Heck, you could even try it with crab, lobster or salmon (you just might not want to use the cheddar cheese).

For dinner we had Peanut Butter Banana French Toast and Pancake Sausage on a Stick.
{don't know why it's sideways, but you get the idea}
I saw the French Toast on Pinterest here. I just didn't know if {A} wanted a Banana Peanut Butter Sandwich, so I just made regular French Toast for him.  But, he ate it all up and didn't even ask for anything different. 

The other day, while watching The Pioneer Woman, she made Breakfast for Dinner and Dinner for Breakfast.  She made these Pancake Sausages on a Stick-which I thought would be perfect for brinner, since my kids keep asking me to make them. 

All the food turned out to be a hit!  We will be making more of this again!

Recipes to come soon!



Jonie Marie said...

This all looks so yummy! I can't wait until you share the recipes. I will definitely be giving this a try!

Thanks for linking up to our POV party! I will be featuring your post over on my blog. Feel free to stop by and grab a featured button.


Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

This all sounds good. My kids are big fans of sausage- I just might have to give that a try.

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust said...

Wow, all these dishes made me hungry just looking at them! And thank you for the message about autism. One of my sons has many of the markers for this sad disorder & my heart goes out to him & others who suffer with being different.

Warmly, Michelle