Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Craft Wars Preview Party

You all know the saying "It's all in who you know" right?  Well, in this case it really is true.  See, I know this girl Mandi

As in met-her-in-real-life-and-drove-her-home-from-this-party-know-her.  She and her cute friend Jilly was on this little show called
Her other cute friend Bridgette helped her out by hosting a party, when her episode aired, at her parent's house. 

The only catch being that they were only opening it up to 100 attendees. I jumped at the chance and RSVP'd (hey, I would've come if was was being held in 1 hour away!)  Wouldn't you know it, I was number 10!!  And, at this point, the only one I knew was Mandi-but that's why I was going to this party right?  About 2 days later, my mom called to tell me about this party in which I told her that I was going. She asked if I could RSVP for her.  She ended up being #94-whew! just made it in ;)
We walked in the door to Mandi saying that she was so glad that we came and gave us a huge hug,  We were also greeted with amazing swag bags from Pick your Plum,

a photo booth-
my mom, me & Ashlee-she made the nummy Craft Wars cake

very yummy cupcakes from One Sweet Slice

a breathtaking view

and lots of talented women-some of which I actually know.

And, in case you are wondering. No, she didn't win--BOOO!  But the party was so much fun.  If you want to see how she got picked to be on the show, go here.  And, if you want to see her redeem herself (and her project), go here.