Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall decor..

...using pumpkins of course!! You didn't think that I forgot to show my fav vignettes did you? And, I can't finish out Pumpkin Week without showing you how much I love pumpkins. So, sit back and enjoy!

Thanks so much for joining me this week. I hope you had as much fun seeing my projects as I had showing them.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Card

During Ladies Night Out (an event for the women while the men go to Priesthood Session for General Conference) at our local far away Roberts Crafts, my mom and I took my kids to do some make and takes and play games to win some prizes.  We didn't win anything {boo}, but we had fun making some cute and fun things.  One of them was a card.

It is a lot simpler than it looks.  It is a rectangle that has been scored into some diamond shapes and then folded to create the main diamond shape in the middle. Then a pumpkin was cut out {I assume from a Cricut} and we layered the image onto the card.  The sample at the store showed putting the orange vines on the bottom two corners. I didn't like that so much, so I left mine as is.

If you are still a bit lost, I will put up directions in a later post.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

4x4 wood pumpkins

I also love working with 4x4's. I just love that they are so rustic and bulky.  Here is my take on a 4x4 jack-o-lantern.  Again, I used Pumpkin Carving cartridge from Cricut.

I love that angry one in the front. He's my fav.

My first 4x4 project was a pumpkin.  But, I couldn't stop at just one.  I had to make a set of three.  I painted them orange. Then I added a twig, fabric, spanish moss and a leaf.

My hubby prefers them stained. I like both ways depending on what look you're going for.

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2x4 wood pumpkins

My favorite medium to use is wood.  My brother works for a window and door company and he has access to free 2x4's which he cuts down and gives to me to finish.  Here are a few pumpkins I have made using 2x4's.  Enjoy!
For this first project, you will need the following:
2x4's {mine are 6" tall}, mod podge {I love this stuff}, wood stain, and your favorite paper {I love using Basic Grey} Not shown: twig, fabric scrap, hot glue and buttons. Cut the paper and mod podge it to your wood. Then stain the whole thing {I use Minwax in dark walnut}.  Once the stain is dry, glue your twig, fabric and buttons.  Then sit back and admire your work.

This next one uses 4" 2x4's, 1" wood squares, and raffia.  This one is pretty simple. Just paint and sand your wood, then glue the 'stem' and raffia.

And, because Halloween is right around the corner, I had to make some Jack-o-Lanterns.  This is still using 4" boards. I also used Pumpkin Carving Cricut cartridge. Again, just paint the wood, glue the stem and attach vinyl.
{prices are shown on them because I recently had these at a local boutique}

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Jar pumpkins-my version

I am sure that you have seen these in blog land and on Pinterest.

Well, here is my version.

My daughter just ended another season of Softball and I usually give her teammates something.  When I found these, I knew that they would be perfect for what I wanted to do.  I have a bunch of the Homemade Chili Sauce jars cuz I think they have such a cute shape.  I thought that they would look awesome as pumpkins. 

Well, as it turned out, I only had five of these {I have used several in my craft room} and I needed eight gifts. Enter the ghosts.

I found these jars, and made them into ghosts.  I painted them the night before her last practice {she couldn't go to the game because of another fun event-SIBS Day*}.  So, they didn't dry all the way. That is why the candy is underneath them in the packaging.  She had a lot of fun helping me out with this project.  She is getting more and more creative everyday. I can't wait to start showing you what she has been creating.

*SIBS {Super Important Brothers and Sisters} Day Workshop is sponsored by Primary Childrens Medical Center and is a support group specifically designed to meet the needs of siblings of children with chronic illness or other disorders {her brother has High Functioning Autism}.
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Sunday, October 23, 2011


I love the fall! I love everything about it: the leaves, the colors, the smells. And, I LOVE pumpkins! They are the perfect little addition to any fall decor. To kick off this week, I want to give a shout-out to some pumpkins I found on, yep you guessed it, Pinterest.

There's argyle:
candy corn:

cats and caterpillars:
some bling:
a little cuteness to the spooky:
pumpkins with something to say:
and something for the kids;
tiered princess for the girls
 and Perry for the boys.
{no source available}

And, this is just the beginning.  I am so inspired by all the images.  Just type in 'painted pumpkins in the search box and just see the amazing talent there is.

Stay tuned the rest of the week. I will be featuring different kinds of pumpkins.  And, I will also be showing you my own  fall home decor vignettes.