Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Just a bad day.....

As I think over the last 24 hours I am feeling prompted to put my thoughts down. 
Last night as I went to pick up my daughter from dance, my car started to freak out.  The ABS, brake and battery lights came on- and stayed on.  The radio wasn't working and there was a weird whirring noise coming from the transmission area.  Not wanting to risk it, I ended up taking my hubby's car.  After getting home, I told my hubby about it (which almost resulted in a stupid fight),  After looking at the engine, starting it up and looking underneath, he determined that the alternator was on it's way out.  This alternator was just replaced only two years ago. We then started figuring out schedules.  Who would take my daughter to Early Morning Seminary - me. And, who would take my son to school - hubby.  I needed to be at work by 10, so anything that happened needed to be done before that.

Fast forward to 7:30 this morning and hubby had called the auto shop and was told that they weren't terribly busy, I was told I didn't need to work today - we're in a bit of a slow season, and I called the parts store and found out that the alternator we purchased there was still under warranty.  
I drove hubby's car to get the part, while trying to find someone to meet me at the shop to bring me home.  I made arrangements with my mom to meet me there.  I got into my car started it and....... nothing was wrong. No extra lights were on, the radio worked fine, the clock lights weren't faded, no whirring noises....nothing. 

I still drove into the shop, and had them do a load test on the alternator.  Everything was fine.  No issues were found. I was stumped. 

I started thinking how I react to stress, trials, struggles, life.  In many cases, I tend to overthink, expect the worst and start rearranging my life, schedule, belief etc.  I tend to "fly by the seat of my pants".  I forget to slow down, take a breath and look at all the angles. I forget that if I am having a bad day, it doesn't mean I'm having a bad life.  

After we realized I didn't need to leave my car, my momma took me to lunch.  We then got to talk about her upcoming wedding! squee!!!! I am so excited for her.  It's still a little weird, but she seems really happy about it, and he treats her so well!

Here's hoping that you find the good amongst the bad and that you know that you never have to repeat that day ever again.