Sunday, September 25, 2011

Right now...

Right now, I have two favorite pictures on my computer that I cannot stop looking at.  They happen to be taken on the very same day.  The first:

Salt Lake LDS Temple
{it's actually my 2nd fav}

This picture was taken after the Women's Conference.  My mom & I got tickets to the Conference Center for the event.  After, we walked across the street on the way to Deseret Book and got this pic.  I actually took four pics and this one turned out the best.  I almost didn't take it because I already had two from the other side.  I am so glad I took this one (the one before this made the walls look really green). 

And, now for my very favorite picture:

I took this while we were at the cemetery celebrating my dad's 66th birthday by writing notes to balloons and letting them go. {we have been doing this for several years for my big bro}  I was laying on the ground trying to get this pic:
using the remaining balloons as a shield from the sun.  When I took all the pictures I wanted, I turned the camera and took the above shot.  I am so impressed with it. I will be the first to tell you that I am not a photographer. And though I occasionally get a shot that I love, I don't know all that much about taking pictures.

{I know that I have been!}

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