Monday, August 24, 2009

Finding Inspiration @ the Library

Once a week I take my son to the Library. While he was picking out his weekly movie (or three), I started browsing the picture books section. I was looking for something to read to him at night before going to bed. I found three books that has inspired me.

This is a cute story about a father and daughter trading places for the day. "If you were me and I were you," Daisy said, "I'd read you a story about three bears. Then I'd say goodnight and go downstairs!" This would be fun to ask your child what he/she would do if you traded places. Then ask them what you would do during that time.

This would be fun fun way to document the first day of school for your child. "At first I was so busy, I forgot about missing you for awhile. We all sat down and told each other our names." When your child gets home for the first day, have a few questions written down to ask them. Then, have them ask you a few questions about your day.

This would be a great layout to share your feelings when you found out you were pregnant, or each stage of the pregnancy. "When you were no bigger than my palm, the black-capped chickadee collected twigs and tufts of grass and even bits of string to build its nest." Even after 30+ years, I love to hear the story of the day I was born.

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