Friday, March 5, 2010

Common building use

I love this idea! I know that I saw it on someones blog, but can't remember who's. So, if you know, please tell me so that I can credit them properly.
I hae this short wall between the door to my crafty room and the door to the closet/cold storage area. It is only 22" wide, but I have been wanting to use it for some kind of supply storage. I finally found the perfect idea. The first pic shows the wall, the second shows the transformation.

I cut the raingutter in 18" lengths, added the end caps and attached it to the wall. I was able to screw one side into the stud, but the other side, I had to use an anchor. Total cost for this project: $9.41!! And, I love the results. I am wanting to do this in the kids TV room with all of their books.

**Thanks Keri for letting me know that this project is on Leah Killians blog:


Keri said...

So cute, Staci! I loved this idea too...saw it over on Leah Killian's blog:

Keri said...

Hey, I'm commenting again, hehe...I wanna see what you made the with DL fabric paper!!! :) I was thinking about buying more at Roberts too, hehe.